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Pepperdine Students!


Hey you, all you Pepperdine "Waves!"  Coming back to school in the Fall?  Need help with shipping your stuff to school? We are here for you!  As Pepperdine University's ONLY approved storage-and-shipping service, we understand the particular needs of this school, and desire to make your transition as easy as possible.

Services offered:

  1. Home-to-school shipping       

  2. Retail-to-school shipping

  3. Storage, short-term or long-term

  4. School-to-home shipping

  5. Box kits offered (4 sturdy boxes; tape)  

Description of services offered: 

1. Home-to-school shipping: Don't wanna stand in long lines at shipping and receiving? Don't feel like lugging your boxes one at a time up and down those famed Pepperdine hills?  Not to worry, you can ship your stuff to our address and we will store it for you short-term, and then lovingly place it in your room on August 5 before you arrive!  We can even send you a box kit for $49 if you need boxes to pack your items in (contiguous U.S. only).  Or, you're welcome to use your own boxes. We will arrange the shipping through Fed-ex.


     - $115 per 40 lb. box, to ship to us ($35 more if box weighs over 40 lbs).  Price includes us picking up your boxes, storing them short-term, and delivering them to your room on campus on August 5, 2020 prior to the start of classes.

     - $49 if you need a box kit sent to you (contiguous U.S. only).

Call us at 844-FLEXN4U or send us a message through the Contact tab, to arrange your shipping and get our address!


2. Retail-to-school shipping: Order whatever you want online and have it shipped to us so we can place it in your room on August 5, 2020!  (Delivery is only available on this date, otherwise a $199 out-of-window delivery fee will apply).


     - $49 for any box/item up to 40 lbs or 4 cubic ft.  Price includes us picking up your items, storing them short-term, and delivering them to your room on campus on August 5 prior to the start of classes. 

     - $99 for any box/item over 40 lbs or 4 cubic ft.

3. Storage, short-term or long-term, including Study Abroad:  Let us store your items in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility!


     - $65/box per semester (up to 40 lbs or 4 cubic ft; otherwise a $35 additional fee applies).

     - Miscellaneous items: price varies according to size. $49 - small items, $65 medium items, $98 large items, $135 XL items.

4. School-to-home shipping: We'll pick your stuff up from your residence hall room and drop it off at Fed-ex for you!


     - $100/OUR box of 4 cubic ft., and not over 40 lbs (contiguous U.S. only; international students please call us for an estimate)!

5. Box kits:  Our box kits include four very sturdy boxes and plenty of tape. We bring them out to campus the week before finals, or if you need them shipped to you, we can do that as well.


     - $49 per kit.




Or send us a message through the “Contact Us” tab!


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