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Welcome To Flexible Steel Movers!


"Flexible Steel Movers" jockeys for first-place amongst professional, competent moving companies in LA County. We have ten years of experience in the moving and storage industry and we aim for FIVE-STAR service.  What does that mean to us?

Firstly, that we show up on time!  The moving industry requires a little lenience when it comes to scheduling, because moves can be very unpredictable.  We compensate for this by giving you a "window" during which time you can expect our moving crews to show up.  Timeliness is extremely important to us and we endeavor to stay on schedule as much as possible.

Secondly, we treat your items with care "as if they were our own." We either shrinkwrap or blanket-wrap all of your items which require protection in the truck and during the move in-between locations. There is no extra fee for this. We shrinkwrap or blanket-wrap mattresses as well, or put them in our mattress-protector bag during transport. Fragile items are wrapped specially and strapped into the truck's slats, or taken in the cab. We do provide basic cargo insurance. 

Local moving

Office moves

Commercial moves

Student moves

Storage offered!

Refrigerator pickup

(working fridges)

Single-item moves   

Senior-citizen moves

Piano moves

Thirdly,  as moving professionals we challenge ourselves to hone our skills with the use of moving tools such as various kinds of dollies, different sizes of ratcheting straps; and wrapping techniques using either tape, shrinkwrap or giant rubber bands. Efficiently packing a moving truck is an art form!  We also offer furniture disassembly/reassembly, packing/unpacking, moving in and out of storage facilities and palletizing.

Fourthly, we desire a professional, friendly interaction with you, the paying client!  Customer service needs to be a strength with moving companies and we hope to set a new standard in this area. We want you to keep calling us back for future jobs, so we will familiarize ourselves with your needs so that at the end of the job you will be completely satisfied. "Five-star service" means we want to go above and beyond for you.  We believe in disassembling and re-assembling all your items that require it, removing all shrink-wrapping at the end of the job, positioning your furniture where you desire it, and taking all our garbage with us when we leave. We will also ask you for an online review after the job is completed, because we want to know in which areas we still need to grow. We believe that reviews rank high in importance when potential customers are investigating us.

Fifthly, we have moving crews all over Los Angeles County as well as Orange County, for your convenience.  We have trucks of all sizes at our command, for your differing needs. 

We want your business!  How can we serve you best?  We also provide additional services such as packing/unpacking, furniture disassembly, reassembly, organizing, palletizing, as well as long-distance moves. No job is too big or too small. Contact us now to get started!


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