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Our Pricing


Our pricing is fair and competitive. On larger moves, we have a three-hour minimum base-rate, and then an hourly fee after that, which we prorate down to the minute.  We do not believe in getting paid for time that we did not work. Factors that we take into consideration while giving you your quote are things like:


The inventory of large items that need to be moved; large items require more time to prepare for moving to and loading the truck.


The distance in-between pick-up and drop-off points; longer distances require more gas for the truck.


How many flights of stairs we will encounter during your move; stairs take more time and energy to navigate.


How accessible parking is, as many times we will need to perform a "long-distance carry" through parking garages, etc.  These all take a lot of time as well.

Be advised, moving usually takes A LOT LONGER than people expect.  If we had a dollar for every time a customer told us that their move was a "light move," we wouldn't need to be in the moving business anymore! Finding adequate parking for the truck, dealing with traffic, waiting for elevators, navigating stairs, etc. all take a lot of time.  Especially in tightly populated areas like Los Angeles, these sorts of hazards are to be expected. Moving is not easy and is fraught with challenges of all kinds.  We promise we will complete your job as rapidly and efficiently as possible while taking safety precautions.  We just ask that you, the customer, sympathize with and understand the fact that all these challenges TAKE TIME. Rarely is a move fast, or light; hence our three-hour minimum!  We have learned this through hundreds of moves of all kinds. 

Please call us today to schedule your move and obtain a quote.  Even though we are based out of Venice Beach, CA, we have trucks and moving crews all over LA County. When possible, we will drive to your location to get a better idea of the unique challenges that your move will face. This will also give us a better idea of the quote to give you. Otherwise, pictures usually suffice. Also, oftentimes we find that customers have more items needing to be moved than they originally informed us of.  Please understand that when confronted with these exigent circumstances, we will request an additional fee.  We desire to oblige ALL of your needs, and if these change during the move, or if additional services need to be tacked on at the last minute, this will increase the price of the quote.  It's only fair     

We want your business!  How can we serve you best?  We also provide additional services such as packing/unpacking, furniture disassembly, reassembly, organizing, palletizing, as well as long-distance moves. No job is too big or too small. Contact us now to get started!


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